SSIS to Excel output limit fix

With many of the SSIS packages my team writes, we have to output to an Excel Destination. One problem we found is that any data sets over 10k rows would not populate the Excel file all the way. We tried everything from buffer size to exporting to text first – nothing quite worked!

After much research, we tested a theory. Our Network admin modified permissions on the output directory and the account that was running the SSIS and generating the Excel files. I believe it had to have full admin rights on the job submission directory.

Problem solved!

Seems rather odd that because of permissions, the excel destination is limited. We could tell from testing. Limiting the output of the same query to say, 100 records was no issue. 9999 records – no problem. As soon as the limits were off the problem returned. That’s where we figured there was some type of limitation problem.

A couple of other points to the process:

  • We have a generic Batch account to run the processes from the SQL agent, instead of having one of the team member accounts use it. This helps to maintain a single point of permission management.
  • We also have a single output directory on our sharedrive. The ‘job submission’ branches off for each department and individual outputs beneath. The structure is locked down to read-only but users can copy off for themselves and modify the file to their hearts content. One too many times the original file was messed up or deleted.

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