Going from “We can?” to “We can!”

It’s an awesome feeling when you can give someone an AHA! moment. When you can provide the solution to a long-standing issue, it can be very satisfying.

“You can do that?”


“Yes! We can do that!”

The journey to get to that moment can be a long one, with many struggles along the way. Sometimes it’s just a matter of knowing what is available and who to go to in order to make it happen. My team experiences this a lot. In a fairly young/new/small environment, some formal processes haven’t been cemented yet. Knowing who does what or the ownership of data/processes can be a mystery at times. You’d think that in a small, fast moving environment, the communication and collaboration would flow freely.

Not so much.

That’s where my team comes in. We provide end-to-end support for the Core services, as well as the connected software and services. Additionally, we provide:

  • Automation
  • Optimization
  • Reporting / Analytics

About 2 years ago, this group was formed with just one developer and myself. Since that time, we’ve more than tripled in size, including business analytics and print fulfillment. Working with our internal customers, we work out processes and create solutions for their various needs.

For example (a fraction of what we do):

  • Instead of multiple downloads of the same file
    • Setup a process to deliver one file in a shared location and send a notification.
  • Instead of manual processes, use automated tasks to complete repeatable functions.
  • Use SSIS and SSRS to provide self-service and automated reporting to replace spreadsheets and querying.

From the beginning, the goal was to provide solutions and ideas to make their work day easier. Word gets around and the requests increase.

“Hey, I heard you can…”

Yes, yes we can.


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